Impressions at Upasana

Upasana Design Studio

Upasana Design Studio, located in Auroville has been founded by Uma Prajapati . Upasana discovers itself through creativity, design, social responsibility and spiritual progress.

As one walks into Upasana, the astounding sounds of the wind chime welcomes you with a calm sense of energy. The meaning of Upasana in Sanskrit signifies, sitting near. It is used to implicate the rituals in Hinduism to go closer to God or the supremepower.

A space that exudes a sense of power and endurance across the  landscape, the structure of the building, well lit corridors, each furniture and sculpture defines the very character that lies deep within these entities.  Each entity reflects, the collective energy that is cornerstone of cohesive creative process, responsible for Upasana’s standing.


Mondays and Thursdays begin with a session of concentration, a moment of silence and Ohm choir, allows one to be in complete harmony with themselves.My first experience during concentration was disheartening, I was oblivious to the whole concept of directing the energy to transcend from my body to mind. I was very much aware of my surroundings, being constantly aware is not a perfect state of being, contradictory to how I have been conditioned, since my childhood.

The distinction between  awareness and being conscious has been acknowledged.

Santosh, fine artist and sculptor by profession, potter by passion and a friend in the making, I met at Upasana; quoted Savitiri by Sri Aurobindo.

 “The characters are not personified qualities, but incarnations or emanations of living and conscious, forces with whom we can enter into concrete touch and they take human bodies in order to help man and show him the way from his mortal state to a divine consciousness and immortal life” ~ Sri Aurobindo

He has a different perception about the most common things, that have been laid down as logical and practical by everyone I know and including myself. But this one remark, really made me wonder…

‘Multi- tasking is like cheating’. He implied, the ability to multi task is not an accomplishment, its equivalent to malpractice of a particular act, be it eating, painting or cooking. What is concentration after all? focus and absorption,that one is really into what they are doing and owes that very regard, to any specific act, be it minuscule.

Again something I have been expected to acquire, ability to multi task.

Plan the day while taking a shower, water the plants while reflecting on the article i just finished reading moments ago, answering a phone call while illustrating… multi tasking is one of the paramount performance behaviour by an individual, be it at home or workplace.

I took cognizance of his latent remark. Level of concentration ought to be constant, during every act of the day from morning ablutions to anything that requires coordination of brain with motor skills, essentially while the five senses are at work and refrain from indiscriminate thoughts, which exalt distractions in any form.


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