Varanasi Weavers

Varanasi also called Benaras or Kashi has been an important center for the Hindu pilgrimage.

Banarsi brocades are popularly known as Kinkhab in Varanasi. Origin of this craftsmanship can be dated back to the Vedic period which flourished largely, during the Mughal period; under Akbar’s patronage. From the historical perspective, Benaras brocades has found place from rig Vedic literature to post independent India

The  craft of silk weaving by the Varanasi Guild of weavers is renowned for its intricacy in design and its craftsmanship. Benarasi Brocades represents the richness of the Indian culture, each textile has a different narrative, which is an ode to the weavers imagination.

The weavers lost their clientele, due to the advent of the power looms  and many abandoned their craft and resorted to other means of living.

Varanasi Weavers, a social development project envisioned by Upasana Design studio, to reinstate Benaras Brocades to its glory and provide livelihood opportunities for the weaving community of Varanasi.

As part of my Diploma project, I will be working closely with the weaving community of Varanasi. I am really looking forward to this interaction with the makers of Kinkhab, and hope to take something from them.


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